Medication Packaging Systems

Innovative Solutions to Medication Management. Webstercare specialises in medication compliance systems and has worked closely with Aboriginal communities to develop products to suit the needs of indigenous Australians.

Flexi-pak® Cold Seal

Flexi-pak Cold Seal was developed for use in the northern parts of Western Australia. The need was for a robust, disposable pack that was easy to use and could withstand the heat and humidity of the northern climates. The Flexi-pak Cold Seal is a perforated pack allowing individual doses or days to be removed from the pack. It has been designed to be as easy as possible to remove medications from the blisters, yet withstand the harsh climate conditions sometimes felt. Each pack and individual dose is labelled with the patient details including photo if required, and medication information. Pictorial and colour coded dosage times make it easy to know when to take medications.

It can be rolled up and stored in a water resistant container called a carry case. The carry case is fully labelled with patient and medication information. The carry case acts as a protector for the pack and medication should it be taken on extended stays in remote areas.

View images of Flexi-pak®:

Flexi-pak Cold Seal Flexi-pak Carry Case


The Clamshell-pak was developed for the TIWI Islands. Clamshell-pak was developed for people on once daily dosing or for those who wanted to pack medication for themselves or for someone for whom they are caring. The Lid-Lok™ closing mechanism, keeps pills secure whilst being easy to open. They are colour coded for the four dosage times of the day to help eliminate any confusion as to when medication should be taken.

The deep medication compartments can fit a large number of tablets/capsules inside.

The Clamshell-pak is also available in a daily format. Each pack has four compartments for the dosage times- breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime and is marked with the day of the week. This becomes a convenient pack for ambulant patients who are going out for lunch or away for a day or two.

The Clamshell-pak Carry Case conveniently carries two Clamshell-paks if going out for the day/week.

View the Mirrijini Dispense System at work in the community:

Clamshell-pak Carry Case Clamshell-pak Clamshell-pak Dosage Times


Webster-pak is the most widely used dose administration aid in Australia. The simple layout of four dosage times across the top, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime and the 7 days of the week down the side, makes it easy for people to know exactly when and what medication needs to be taken. It is also easy for people to see if medication has been missed.

Webster-paks are easy for pharmacy or clinic staff to prepare. Patient and medication information is printed from the Webstercare Medication Management Software onto the header card. The pack is sealed using a specially designed low temperature foil.

View the Mirrijini Dispense System at work in the community:

Webster-pak Webster-pak Webster-pak in the community

Medication Management Software

The Webstercare Medication Management Software (MMS) is what drives the packing process.

The Community edition is an ideal starting point. The software has been designed to be easy to use and enables you to print comprehensive patient and medication information for a professional finish to your Community, Flexi-pak and Cold Seal Webster-paks.

The software enables you to print:

  • Flexi-pak Cold Seal
  • Community Webster-pak
  • Webster-pak Cold Seal
  • Signing Sheets
  • Patient Medication Profiles

The benefits of the software:

  • Offers an interface to Mirrijini, reducing double entry
  • Meets Government DAA and PMP program requirements
  • Gives you access to many reporting options assisting with the medication management process.

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